2009 Events

For World Environment Day (5th June, 2009), there was an event at Avebury in the UK (see below) as well as events on and around that day elsewhere in Europe, North America and Indonesia.

Web Art Garden – Indonesia
5th June, 2009
10.30 – 4.00
Padepokan Lemah Putih

Perkumpul Srawung Seni
To celebrate World Environment Day at Padepokan Lemah Putih, 5th June 2009
11.00 Meeting together in the Mandala Space
11.15 Hirup (taking the air) - Performance about air pollution from Intan, Dila, Rani, Widi, Lingling, Puji and Bagus
11.55 Celebration, ritual and reflection
12.30 Ritual Galegan - Teatr Akut - Andy, Itox, Sigid, Agus, Demis and Dani (Pandopo Besar)
13.00 Malstrom - Susana Miranti Krober (Pandopo Besar)
13.30 Lunch break
After lunch:
Galih’s children drumming (Mandala)
Suluk Banyu - Wayang Beber
Dhalang Ganja & Dany Is Wardono (Pandopo Rembulan)
3 Karakter Tari Topeng “Kemanak” - Wangi Indriya, Sitras Anjilin, Fajar Satriadi (pandopo besar)
Gathering to close the day, sharing art, movement and te panas (pandopo besar)
16.00 Closing
Throughout the day, visual artists from ISI Surakarta were painting and creating art works in Lemah Putih

Web Art Garden – Republic of Ireland
13th June, 2009
Besboro Centre, Cork
‘Souldance’ ~ Open to all

Web Art Garden – Italy
5th June, 2009
Artgarden Macereto, via Macereto 22, 06066 Piegaro (Perugia), Italy
‘The Whole is more than its Parts’

Web Art Garden - UK
5th June, 2009
11.00am - 4.00pm
Avebury Stone Circle

At Avebury people offered movement pieces among the stones, read poetry, shared stories and played music alone and in groups.  

We are developing a tradition of gathering at Avebury, to mark World Environment Day and to acknowledge the site as a place of beauty, art and culture.

Art, Culture and Environment offerings
(movement, voice, poetry and music) included:

Teacups at dawn – Circle Group (Kristina Bourdillon, Gill Blair, Helen Edwards, Saskia Hegt, Jan Howarth, Laura O'Brien, Penny Stirling)
Moving squiggles, drawing bubbles – Celine Butte
Bird of Paradise –
Maya Cockburn
Unknown –
Action Theatre Ensamble (Lila Cohen, Sam Alty, Shanty Sacco)
Sestina, a poem by Elizabeth Bishop –
Saskia Hegt
Song –
Tim Jones
Homage to the Stones –
Sally Mawson
Nature’s Breath –
Frances Mezzetti and Barbara Collins
Green thoughts in a green shade –
Square Group (Keith Miller, Tim Jones, Hugh Kelly, Helen Williams)
When the Sea comes to the Stones – Sandra Reeve
Soapstone –
Oval Group (Simon Slidders, Eleanor Chandler, Una Nicholson, Clare Whistler, Sean Williams)
Alang-alang kumitir (Vibrating the grass) – Suprapto Suryodarmo
Moving with what is - between the stones –
Roy Whenary and Daniela Coronelli
Tuning Yoga –
Jeannine Williams
And my Nanna said, “you need more green under your feet” –
Pam Woods

Suprapto Suryodarmo, Javanese movement artist was also with us at Avebury.