Images from 2010 - Scotland

These photos and commentary from Fran Mezzetti are a record of the World Environment Day celebration at St Margaret's Loch, Edinburgh:

St Margaret's Loch, Edinburgh
Swan Gifting

Arthur's Seat with remembrance ritual

Nicky Mae meditates above the spread of Edinburgh in the early
morning. Rock is worn and polished from continuous human climbing, scaling,
crawling, jogging, searching crevices and pathways to the
top..Arthur's Seat.
Our offerings were with movement, song, meditation and sharing
stories. The environment shared her beauty, magnificence, sunshine
and structure for us among the rocks, hills and  grasses.  A weasel
darted eel like across our pathway.  Swans scattered white feathers
which were caught in between stones and weeds on the lake shore and
the yellow furze wafted her fragrance all about.
We were happy to connect with others who were joining in the web and
others who could not be there.  A sense of gratitude and connection
prevailed with the gifting of the morning.

Finding a Niche I stand and connect with the coldness and strength of
Rock, and at this moment a jogger complete with headphones pauses
briefly to exchange a greeting. He is accompanied by his dog who also
pauses.  Then as he heads off down the hill again he sings with his
plugged in set and I hear ..This is a "Love song for You..."  "It's
OK"  and as he drops further the "Its  Ok" is repeated twice more.
Below us the city of Edinburgh spread out and the Firth Of Forth
sparkles in the morning light.