2011 Events

For World Environment Day, there was again  an event at Avebury in the UK (see below) as well as events on and around that day elsewhere in Europe, North America and Indonesia. 

Web Art Garden – Indonesia
5th June, 2011
Padepokan Lemah Putih

Web Art Garden – Germany
5th June, 2011
Arturo Schauspielschule, Köln
Kwaidan - a spirit story from Japan. 

A blind singer famous for his recitation of a famous sea battle, finds himself singing to the fallen of that battle. He is painted head to toe in the words of the Heart Sutra as protection against those unquiet dead: Gone, Gone, Gone to the far shore.
Directed, and with music by - Tim Jones
Performers:  Joerg Schlueter,Christine Heller,Helen Lutz,Johanna Xenia Rafalski,Danial Rehse, Martin Thiel, Katrin Wolter, Esther Brandt, Marcel Eid.

Further details: Tim Jones (who says): "As we began rehearsals, with already an idea for a poster of Hokusai's famous The Wave, news came of the Japanese tsunami. The boat tossed on that wave seemed to symbolize the human overcome by the power of nature. On World Environment Day, our performance is a way, through storytelling, to express balance and harmony in our world, with our thoughts and prayers going out to our Japanese brothers and sisters."

Web Art Garden – Republic of Ireland

Friday 3rd June, 2011
Sharing Movement
at Fota Gardens, Cobh, Co. Cork

Saturday 11th June, 2011
9.15 – 12.15
Movement at Meitheamh:
Ancestors, Body, Earth
at Fourknocks Neolithic Passage Grave
The Naul, Co Meath,
Further details: Barbara Meade Collins
Tel: 00 353 863 706824

Web Art Garden – Spain

Sunday 5th June, 2011
To explore the experience of being like a tree
Silent presence , exchange and transformation

Camps Elisis Park, Lleida, Catalonia

Web Art Garden - UK
4th June, 2011
11.00am - 3.00pm  
Avebury, Wiltshire (see a map)

Suprapto Suryodarmo was our guest for the day.