World Environment Day 2015


This year, as always, we invited events for World Environment day from around the world.

The UNESCO theme for the year was 
"Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care." 
Further information can be found online here.

With best wishes,
Sandra Reeve and Keith Miller


The aim of Web Art Garden is to enable a wide range of movement-based, artistic, cultural and environmental activities to take place at different locations around the world on 5th June, marking World Environment Day.

Web Art Garden was conceived by Suprapto Suryodarmo and originally developed by Sandra Reeve and colleagues of theirs. So its roots are in non-stylised movement and in dance. But 
Web Art Garden events may take any movement-based form, including:

Performance, theatre, ritual, exhibition, singing, presentation, installation, poetry, writing, lecture, meditation and prayer, discussion, video, photography, film.
Web Art Garden is open to individuals, groups, organizations and institutions alike. Each participant or group of participants will create an event in their region, which reflects their approach to nature and creativity/environmental art/ecology and culture.

The regular celebration of World Environment Day each year on 5th June has been created with this in mind: to encourage creative expression and understanding of one's own culture and ecology as one of the factors which will facilitate healthy and confident collaboration between cultures.

See the record of some 2015 events here.