2015 Events

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at the Sendang Margo Mustiko Waih sacred spring
Alas bgal Village, Ngawi, East Java
7 June 2015

In Assisi, Italy on 29 September 1986, the World Wildlife Fund hosted a gathering of leaders of five major religions to discuss how their faith’s teachings lead them to care for nature. “The Assisi Declarations: Messages on Man & Nature from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam & Judaism” were later expanded with Bahá'í, Jain, Sikh, Shinto, Tao, and Zoroastrian statements. These prayers voice that “the fundamental importance to all traditions of safeguarding the planet [is] a common inheritance”. However, given the acceleration of global warming and environmental crises differently affecting parts of the earth, we have now to ask, what is the application of the Assisi declarations and peace prayers for facing the needs of today and in the future?

One solution is to offer Art, Culture, Environment events for 5th June World Environment Day, such as traditional and modern artists did together with the local community of Alas Begal Village, Ngawi Regency, East Java by praying in art for fertility of nature at the Sendang Margo Mustiko Warih sacred spring on 7 June 2015.

Artists included Suprapto Suryodarmo (Padepokan Lemah Putih); Diane Butler (Dharma Nature Time); Galih Naga Seno (Solo, Java), Bagus Kodok Ibnu Sukodok (Solo, Java); Misbach Daeng Bilok (Selayar, South Sulawesi); Wirastuti Susilaningtyas (Solo, Java); installation Dadang Christanto (Java); together with Bedoyo dancers (Yogyakarta, Java); Empu Daliman and kris makers from Padepokan Meteor Putih (Mojosongo, Solo) and prayer by Kyai Khaelani Jaelani (Paguyuban Purnomo Sidi Pusat Surakarta). The morning-long event “Dhanyang Setyowati Sukodok Membangun Rumah”, conceived by Bramantyo Prijosusilo (Sekaralas, East Java) with Godeliva D Sari; Zen Zulkarnaen and friends, was attended by people from varied religions, faiths, provinces and countries and opened with art offerings such as Reyog dance (Alas Begal Village); a Pesilat group; a Topeng Ireng group (Boyolali, Central Java), children and teens from local elementary, middle, and high schools; words of inspiration by the Regent of Ngawi Mr. Budi Sulistyono; and women presenting a Tumpeng rice offering.

Praying in Art for Fertility of Nature as a World Environment Day 2015 event linking with Web Art Garden arose from gotong royong (mutual cooperation) among artists and community members who had cleaned and renovated the Sedang Margo bathing pool, which has been in danger of drying out due to looting and plunder of the forest area in 1998-1999. It is hoped that artists will also join the next stage – planting a variety of trees to rejuvenate the flow of water to the Sendang Margo and Sendang Pangiyom springs for the surrounding rice and corn fields.