WebArtGarden 2020

Web Art Garden
Invitation to Collaborate for 2020 events

5 June 2020

A United Nations Day and vital platform for action every year since 1974
encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment

The 2020 theme is BIODIVERSITY
Learn how all living things on Earth are connected in the web of life and how we can act  #ForNature  #WorldEnvironmentDay

Web Art Garden, conceived in 1997 by Suprapto Suryodarmo of Java, Indonesia and first facilitated by Sandra Reeve in 1999, encourages annual participation in 5 June World Environment Day through the creation of artistic events.

You are invited to create a 2020 event in your region reflecting your approach to nature, art, culture and environment and to email images and writing after your event for inclusion on the Web Art Garden website to hels19@hotmail.com

With best wishes
2020 Facilitators
Helen Edwards and Keith Miller  

Web Art Garden

Web Art Garden (WAG) is an umbrella organisation for events that link culture, art and environment and seeks to connect practitioners from different backgrounds. WAG aims to encourage understanding of one's own culture and ecology and facilitate healthy and confident collaboration between cultures. WAG has its roots in non-stylised movement and dance and was founded by Suprapto Suryodarmo and Sandra Reeve in 1999.

Excerpt from
Web Art Garden – an idea
by Suprapto Suryodarmo

“Garden is the right place as it already has the qualities of human, nature and Life, and can give space and time so that all the diversity of cultures in the world can speak without pressure by their creation as a being. East, West, South and North can meet in the circulation of the garden without pushing or pressurising each other to lead or to follow.

This meeting in the contemplation, freshness, joy and healing of the garden can make it easier for us to find the dialogue to support each other, in our modern and traditional cultures in their development, with the value of diversity in unity.

Garden has the quality of democracy; basically, all generations are comfortable in the garden. We can speak as who we are, without losing nature as a being and without losing our sense of religiosity. So, I wish that we can create Web Art Garden in this world.”

(First published in 1997 for ACE: Art Culture Environment initiative for annual cultural events around the world on the 5th June World Environment Day. First Facilitator Sandra Reeve.)